About Us

Belize Private Islands’ sole mission is to provide our clients with the perfect beachfront property or private island for sale in Belize that best suits their desires and budget. We live out this mission with the help from our team of certified real estate agents specializing in the buying and selling of private islands in Belize.

At Belize Private Islands, our agents don’t only see themselves as the “middle-man” between buyers and sellers; but also as the trusted partner you need by your side when making any huge purchase. We understand the magnitude of an investment that it is to own your very own private island. That’s why our agents take it upon themselves to ensure all the necessary documentation required for each transaction is readily available and accurate to guarantee a 100% secure transaction for each seller and buyer we represent.

We are a new company but our agents have ample years of experience in the Belize real estate market and will ensure that you are represented as best as possible while getting you a positive return.

Because we specialize in only Belize private islands and beachfront properties, we cater to a more affluent clientele and as such deliver solely the finest service. Your satisfaction is our top priority. As such, we employ only the best in the business that possess the knowledge and experience to always deliver a fast, reliable and hassle-free sale. Don’t risk wasting your time and hard earned money by trying to go it alone.

Contact us today, and meet one of our agents who will make your real estate dreams a reality!